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Why should I hold vUSD/rvUSD?

It is imperative for cryptocurrency users to include stable currencies in their portfolios. However, the majority of stablecoins fail to offer reliable revenue. Does this imply that stablecoin holders do not require interest earnings? Absolutely not.
All users of USDC, USDT, and DAI have the opportunity to exchange their stablecoins for vUSD, enabling them to engage in various DeFi activities and benefit from a consistent interest rate to supplement their income. Additionally, vUSD boasts a 0% loan interest, enabling users to leverage their positions on ETH without incurring any loan costs. By holding vUSD, users can experience the stability of a conventional stablecoin while simultaneously earning interest and leveraging their assets without expenses. This makes vUSD an enticing choice for individuals seeking to optimize the performance of their DeFi portfolios.